16mm Film Night – East London – NEXT FILM: SUNSET BOULEVARD– Thursday 24th JULY – The Russet – E8 2BT – 7.45pm



A film about our projectionist Umit: The Way of the Dodo


CINÉ-REAL is a non-for-profit film club with the aim of bringing together film makers, actors, writers, directors, producers, photographers, cinephiles etc, to enjoy classic films as film and share their passion for filmmaking.. The films shown are all 16mm prints. They are also all examples of how technical or financial limitations actually led to the development of a new style, such as the use of jump cuts in French New Wave, due to lack of film stock, or building tension in Jaws by only revealing the shark in the last 3rd, because the mechanical shark, looked mechanical!..Creation from limitation.

To attend you must become a member for a month. To do this click on the image below

For more info please contact:info@cine-real.com

                                                                                                   CINE REAL 12 ON THE WATERFRONT CINE REAL 13 DIAL M            CINE REAL 14 KING KONG          CINE REAL 15 BONNIE & CLYDE           CINE REAL 16 AQOTWF CINE REAL 17 LADY copy           CINE REAL 18 BARD           CINE REAL 19 THE RED SHOES           CINE REAL 20 THE HILLS HAVE EYES CINE REAL 21 THE LADY VANISHES           CINE REAL 22 - Scrooge           CINE REAL 23 - Le Jour Se Leve           CINE REAL 24 LFAUW CINE REAL 24 HUD          CINE REAL 26 ETD           CINE REAL 27 BATTLE            CINE REAL 28 THE FRONT